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We look forward to welcoming you to MiFFI 2021

The MiFFI conference is back. Finally, we can experience a real scientific conference with physical presence of presenters and participants. We can meet with fellow scientists working on food and feed ingredients from many different angles, we can discuss and argue over posters, and we can even enjoy fermented products together at the end of the day.

We have an exciting programme covering: microbiomes, metabolic models, whole genome sequencing, fermentation, pro– and pre-bioltics, synthetic biology, wine, enzymes for food and feed. The topics are addressed from different angles of functionality, safety, and regulatory aspects.

Highlights from the missed MiFFI 2020 conference will be available in a special issue of FEMS Microbiology Letters appearing October 2021. We also expect the MiFFI 2021 conference to generate a range of interesting papers for a special issue of FEMS Microbiology Letters. We encourage presenters and participants to prepare manuscripts for this issue. Even non-participants are welcome to contribute manuscripts dealing with microbial food or feed ingredients.

We hope you are eager to meet colleagues from far and wide. Although virtual meetings have served a purpose, we have missed the opportunity to exchange ideas in real life. We look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen on November 16.

On behalf of the Local Organising Committee

Egon Bech Hansen, DTU Food

MiFFI Thematic Issue

We are pleased to announce that a second MiFFI Thematic Issue is now published. 

Perfect warm-up reading ahead of the conference next month. Access the issue here


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Keynote speakers

  • Herwig Bachmann, NIZO, The Netherlands
  • Jens Nielsen, Chalmers University, Sweden
  • John Morrissey, University College Cork, Ireland